How We Do…Laundry

Laundry is a dirty word in our house! HAHA! But really dirty clothes go on and on and on! And as much as I would love to have 2 or 3 or 7 washing machines and dryers, it ain’t happenin!  We have one washing machine and one dryer! And they are well used! We bought a set of LG’s about 4 years ago and they have held up. I would really love to have a commercial washing machine and dryer but at $4000 a pop just for the washing machine, that ain’t happenin’ either!

Several years ago I made the girls begin washing their own clothes so that I could manage my, my husband’s, and the boys dirty clothes. Most days I have to wash 3 loads a day to keep things under control. I have come up with a system that seems to work for me.  I do not wash clothes on the weekends, I let the girls wash there clothes on Saturday and  Sunday. Monday begins my wash week!

1st STEP: Bring all my clothes, my husband’s clothes and the boys clothes into the den. This is a weekdends worth of clothes.



I know most people probably do not keep dirty clothes in their den but my laundry room doesn’t have enough space for me and it is also an entrance and exit to the garage, that sees a lot of foot traffic.

 2nd STEP: Sort clothes, dark, light, towels, etc.

laundry (5)

I line the baskets up behind the couch or against the wall in a line ready to go in the washing machine.

 This past year I felt like every time I loaded my washer I would overload it, and my clothes didn’t come out smelling clean. Solution: I found this clothes basket with handles and decided to use it as a guide.

laundry (3)

I fill it up just until it reaches the top, that makes 1 load. I then start washing. Like I said before I wash about 3 or 4 loads everyday to keep up. Every morning when the girls clean up their “jobs”, they bring all the dirty clothes into the den and I sort them into the appropriate baskets. Now I know you are all thinking wow she washes, drys, folds, and puts up 3 or 4 loads a day. NO, no I don’t. I have come up with a way for my clothes to wait for me without looking like they were smashed in a clothes basket for hours.

laundry (4)

Lay them flat! I take every load out and lay them flat in the clothes basket so that when I do have time to fold them, they will be foldable!

And there ya go…How We Do Laundry! Not rocket science, only one washer, dryer and mom, but I do get a lot of help from the girls. And yes, there are bad weeks when I don’t wash clothes for days and when I do get on the laundry, you would think there wasn’t a clean item of clothing in the house, so don’t go to thinkin’ I got it all together and do laundry all perfect and everything. I am livin’ this thing called life too and it can be stinkin’ hard!



  1. Kristina Transue says:

    I love the tip for laying them flat! Sometimes my younger kids rove the clothes from the dryer. They can lay them flat as they come out! That would really speed things up for my folding.

  2. Oops….follow up to the previous post. The sock clips only get handled when you put it on the dirty socks you take off of your feet. They stay on through the washing and drying process then right into your drawer already paired! You can get the clips here (Just thought I needed to explain that part.)

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